Children's Literature Festival Children's Literature Festival
28th - 29th November 2014
Venue: Children's Library Complex, Lahore
CLF Heartiest congratulations to everyone connected with the festival in any capacity, Our CLF gets better and better.The opening was the best so far the childrens participation,Nadia's poem and of course Adeel's magnetic persona.Plays by Sanjan Nagar and LGS,were outstanding and the the remarkable sessions by Zehra Nigah, Dr Syeda Arifa, Fehmida Riaz Zambeel Dramatic Readings, Play For Peace, and sooo many others. CLF is certainly a movement which is bringing qualitative change in education in Pakistan. We cant thank all of you partners enough for this movement and thankyou for inspiring others to organize Literature festivals
CLF Thank you for adding me in this huge QAFLA of an awesome TEHREEK. I will wait for the day when these little kids will also be thinkers , writers, philosophers and great leaders of education as you and, Ameena are......The day is not very faraway .. Hum bhee dekhaengay Tum bhee dekhogay
CLF Congratulations for the TLF and CLF at Lahore. It was great and most important of all it is on its way to becoming a movement as was the founders' dream when we set out on this road to provide our children some enjoyment as well as learning. All of you have sustained it and I think that is a major achievement
CLF Thanks a lot Team CLF for a wonderful opportunity provided to us and the kids. Everyone involved has truly enjoyed it
CLF The smiles you put on the lips of thousands of children is a hope for a brighter, promising, and prosperous future for our children and our country. May the almighty protect you and kept you and all children lovers safe
CLF It is indeed an honour for me to be associated with this movement. There is absolutely no doubt that we are all driven by motives that are sincere. Each one of us wants to share and learn, bask in the smiles and laughter, interest, joy, understanding and a sense of achievement that we see on the faces of all the thousands of children we come across during this brief period of interaction with them. I have said it before, and will continue to say how proud I am to have friends like Baela and Ameena, and many more. May our tribe proliferate and may the younger ones like Maham and others lead the way! Three cheers for the CLF!
CLF Heartiest congratulations to everyone  especially to Dr.Baela and Maham Ali for organizing TLF and CLF. What a wonderful learning experience for teachers, children and parents. Thank you all for doing a wonderful job and providing so enriching activities to students by amazing resource persons and educationists
CLF Thank you so much for yet another amazing CLF. Its ALWAYS a privilege to spend time with the inspiring resource persons and the children who make you believe that there is still hope!! I loved being part of the session on Child Marriages and a Tribute to the Nobel Laureates. Shukria and more power to you
CLF Thank you too for putting in so much effort with all the massive organisation and nurturing the movement to take hold. May Allah bless your all your efforts and take them to new heights every time, Ameen
CLF We are back with expanded heart and new horizon of possibilities! We will like to express our gratitude for having us and helping us share our conviction with teachers, children and educators. It was completely our privilege to have spent our time with each one of you who are contributing to make a equitable world a possibility. The sense of camaraderie, openness and spirit of fun & smiles that we came across was unique and is only possible with a shared sense of purpose and commitment
CLF Congratulations on the success of TLF/CLF Lahore 2014. I am thankful to you from the core of my heart for providing me opportunity to be the part of this great event. You have all done GREAT job. Well done!
CLF We are proud to be a part of the CLF family which is not only giving back to the society but also coaching the ways to communicate and engage people on financial literacy
CLF Congrats on the fantastic CLF! This year was just so much fun! Honored to be a part of it. Baela and Maham, keep on being awesome :). Already looking forward to next year
CLF It was yet again a great pleasure to be part of the TLF/CLF in Lahore and to witness it grow bigger and bigger with each passing year. Kudos to you and to everyone else who is part of this successful movement. Its always an inspiration for us to meet so many people who are extremely passionate about their work and to come together with them on this platform is truly a privilege for our team. Wishing you and your team many more such successful events and hoping for a safer, better and brighter future for our children

What a treat ! it reinforces my belief that the desire for peace , tolerance, and quest for meaning is the desire of feeling minds and thinking hearts.You, I mean each one, cemented the resilience . Each year vouches that cultural satiation will not come through political noise. The Children Festival this year speaks the loudest--the yearning for a compassionate understanding of life - Dr Arfa Syeda Zehra

We, Olomopolo Media feel privileged to be a part of the Biggest event of children in Lahore. Though, our participation was limited to only two sessions this time i.e. music singing and arts [Olotatolo] but our team thoroughly enjoyed conducting them. The gathering and enthusiasm of children was tremendous at CLF, your team put it together so well. Congratulations and best wishes for the next. CLF is educating children in its true spirit using all the fun learning activities. It was entirely our pleasure to be part of it


Very well deserved congratulations. Teach For Pakistan is proud to have helped. Our Fellows came back re-energised.  Baela and Maham, a sincere thank you for your efforts. Events like these help build the social fabric of countries. Pakistan needs more people like you!


Congratulations to Baela ji, Maham and all the beautiful people who made this CLF even more awesome than the previous ones! You all rock and Anusha and I are humbled and honoured to be part of this galaxy of stars