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About Us

CLF generates positive social capital creating networks and associations for the purpose of ‘unlocking the power of reading, self-expression and critical thinking.

Our Story

The goal of CLF is to expand the culture of reading for creativity, imagination, and multi-sensory stimulation; a learning experience beyond textbooks and tests. CLF encourages children to read, teachers, and schools to adopt innovative reading methodologies empowering children as learners.

What We do?

  • Develop Language and Literacy
    Our cross-disciplinary approach goes beyond textbooks and makes learning fun

  • Inculcate the 4Cs
    (Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity) We believe in empowering children with skills to tackle unprecedented challenges

  • Blur Boundaries between disciplines, languages and borders.
    We love to knit connections between cultures, warming physical or virtual spaces by shared experiences and literature. And encourage holistic learning through meaningful links across sciences and arts.

  • Promote Children’s Agency
    We thrive on empowering children to create new learning resources and showcase their work

  • Create Communities of Practice
    We act as a liaison between the novice learner and the expert through mentorships and redefine the role of teachers and parents as co-learners. We serve as a platform for startups and giants in the education sector to work together toward a common good.

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